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Plant PLUS Subscription Box

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Say hello to our larger subscription box, Plant PLUS! We will be providing higher quality plants and pots, improving shipping methods exponentially, increasing customer service and communication, and offering more decorative accents in both the Plant PLUS and Adopt a Plant Boxes!

Higher Quality Plants & Pots

Our succulents are now being sourced by local nurseries in San Diego, California. This is a wonderful improvement from past succulents bought through various vendors online. With this upgrade, plants should be sturdier and less fragile as well as have better rooting. The soil is also better quality which should help the succulent grow strong!

Better, Faster Shipping

Shipping has definitely been difficult during these times, however we are now offering priority shipping on all US shipments. Plants will be in boxes for far less time (2-3 business days, but with COVID, more likely 5).

Your little friend will also be shipped with stretch wrap around the base to keep the soil and plant from falling out of the nursery pot.

The box itself is now of stronger cardboard and has a sturdier design, with a more subscription-box-style appearance, perfect for gifts!

More Information on Plants and Care

We've heard your feedback and more plant info is on the way! Our info cards will now have more detailed care instructions for the specific plant you receive.

We will be making a monthly blog post about your little plant friend to give you extra info and suggestions!

The hope is that your succulent will arrive as healthy as possible, and that we give you enough info and guidance to help you help it thrive 🌵


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